Ah, the joys of shaping

I’ve been doing a lot of foundation type work with Chipotle lately. One of the big things I’ve been targeting is his complete and total lack of rear end awareness. Chip didn’t seem to have the slightest clue that his back legs were there, so we’ve been doing a lot of work stepping into baskets, circling with front paws on a book, ball work and just all sorts of random exercises.

Last night while I was at work my husband was hanging around in the office. The laundry basket must have been in there from one of our earlier sessions. Apparently at one point he became aware that Chip was standing in the basket staring at him. He looked over at Chip who proceeded to begin ‘helicoptering’, the term we use for wagging his tail so fast and hard that it is just going in crazy circles. I guess he was just so proud of himself that he had to show daddy.


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