AKC Nationals 2011

Things started looking up on day 2 of nationals. I didn’t feel the same disconnect with Bella as in our ISC runs, but my nerves were still there. Our runs were still overall pretty pokey, but there were some moments where I started to see her speed/confidence coming out. Bel stuck her dogwalk contact in standard (perhaps a bit too well) and we managed a clean round. The final jump almost sent her right out of the ring though and I had to call her back quickly!

The hybrid round went pretty well until the A-frame where I looked ahead to see where I was going and broke eye-contact at a crucial moment. If you watch the video, this is what happens when you break eye contact with your dog!

Overall it was great fun and a very educational experience. We clearly aren’t finals material. Unfortunately some handlers view this as me selfishly wasting their time. Everyone has to start somewhere though and I’m not going to give up on the dream. Someday it may just come true….whether Bel is the one there with me or simply the amazing little dog who guided me through the first steps. I sure am going to have fun trying with my favorite little sheltie partner regardless!


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