ISC Team Tournament

If I had to sum Friday up in one word, it would be disaster!

Bella and I were so disconnected. I was fighting my nerves in such an intense environment and she was overwhelmed with the atmosphere. Our Jumpers run featured a threadle, which Bel read as a 180. She would never have done that in practice, but I guess the atmosphere of nationals created so much of a disconnect that she wasn’t able to read my cues the way she normally does. For Bel with threadles I normally have to be careful not to give too many turning cues and really support the first jump with forward motion and a strong verbal “jump”. That certainly wasn’t the case here though! Things disintegrated from there with a missed weave entrance.

Standard was no better. I still didn’t feel the connection and she popped out of the weave poles early. Maybe I should have made my front cross a bit wider giving her more room to enter the poles with extension, but either way she should have stayed in. My handling was pretty iffy after that with some poorly executed turns and lateral sends.

So of course the only thing to do after these terrible runs, was to go for a walk, tell my dog she is the most amazing agility partner in my world and hope we can grow from this experience.

Best agility partner in my world.


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