On seminars…

I brought Bel out of temporary retirement for one day of a Claudia Bates seminar this past weekend. It feels great to be running her again in a challenging setting (even if we are both somewhat out of agility-shape). We learned so much and had a great time trying out some of the ‘fancy’ moves I have been reading about. However, the thing that is really hanging in my thoughts after this weekend is the value of a good seminar presenter.

I have been to a variety of seminars over the years at a range of prices. I have come away from rather expensive day long seminars feeling as if I spent the day in a hammock watching re-runs of an old television show. It’s comforting and pleasant, but not what I am at a seminar for.

This weekend was an example of everything I look for in a seminar:

-experienced instructor successful on local and national level

-discussion of handling strategies prior to running

-efficient instruction balanced with respect for personal style

-insightful suggestions on how to provide clear cues for my small dog

-organized approach and ability to keep things moving

-vigorous encouragement to get all you can from your runs

I came away from one day of a seminar sore, exhausted and *exhilarated*. My dog had a great time and I have a lot to work on. I got my money’s worth many times over yet was left wanting more. It really doesn’t get any better than that!



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    Susan bates said,

    I totally agree with all of the above !

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