Mantra~ a sound, syllable, or word capable of creating transformation

Dog is my mantra.  She has transformed me so completely.

My name is April and this blog is dedicated to my dog Bella.  We compete together in USDAA and AKC agility.  In the past Bella has tried her hand at APDT rally.  She excelled at it earning her RL1 in one weekend, but much prefers the excitement of agility (as do I). 

I am a huge supporter of rescue, but also promote responsible breeding.  Bella came to me from a breeder and I am very thankful to be given the chance to raise such a driven little dog.  It takes a special dog to put up with such a green handler as I was and retain the desire to keep working hard.  We still have a long way to go and I know I have so much more to learn from her.  I started this blog as a way of recording this journey and would now like to share it with others.


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    Rebecca said,

    Best of luck to Bella and April on all of their endeavors. Both are really incredible- April in the leading and Bella in her competing!!!

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