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Pictures of dogs and their humans connecting through agility

dazzle love

Lotus leg weaving

isa mommy (2)

connecting before a run

waiting to run


maybe bandw

hound bandw 


gv tug


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We have a new family member! This is Chipotle (Chip for short).


For quite a long time now I’ve been yearning to add another dog to the family. Bella is perfect in so many ways and I love her for all that she is, but Bel just doesn’t find human attention/petting reinforcing. She’s my little independent girl who lives to work and only cuddles on her own terms. Like if you have food (and really I wouldn’t call it cuddling so much as mauling you to get to the food!):

Did you say treat?

Chip is just the opposite. He thinks attention from humans or other dogs is just the best thing in the world and he can’t seem to get enough. “Work” on the other hand, not so much. Don’t get me wrong, he enjoys a good game of fetch or ‘how-many-times-can-I-squeak-the-toy-in-a-row’, but he’s not necessarily an agility prospect. Which is fine with me. Perhaps with time and training he will enjoy having a ‘job’, but for now we will be focusing on the basics, especially recall.

Pointy ears

Pointy nose

Running around squeaking a duck

Relaxing at the agility trial

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Pictures from the MadCo Misty Mountain trial

Once again my disclaimer: This is a point and shoot! Be kind.

Dalmation headed into the tunnel

Dalmation taking a jump.

Dalmation flying out of the tunnel

5 and 4 and 3 and.....


Jeanette Hutchison and Surge jumping the tire


Flying off the table

PWD Chantey jumping the tire

Beardie flying off the table

Taser ready to spring from the table

Jen Pinder and Taser landing through the tire

Lynn running with Beau

Black lab on the teeter

Go tunnel!

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Don’t laugh…it’s just a point and shoot

By loading this page and viewing these pictures you are agreeing not to mock my mediocre pictures.  (Any violations of the previous statement will be interpreted as an offer to buy me a real camera!)  These are just some shots I took while bumming around at the mid atlantic showcase.

Jumping Jack

"if I pull *really* hard, maybe I can reach the platter of food"

Pretty aussie at her very first trial.

Okey getting ready to run

Okey's long lost sister?

malinois waiting at the start line

gotta stretch before you run!

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Wordless Wednesday

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Waiting for daddy to come home

looking out the window to see when daddy comes home

Look ma, daddy's home!!!

Time to throw the ball!

flying bear


whatever it takes to catch the ball

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Play or sleep?

Sometimes I have to wonder what is going on in Bella’s head.  She acts like she just wants to curl up and snooze, but then strikes a pose like this.  

Seriously dog?  You are nuts! 

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