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My handsome man

My handsome man


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Mid Atlantic Showcase PVP Tournament

What a fun weekend. I paired up with Cinco, the sweetest malinois on the planet, and Elise, the famed dog-stealer. (All joking aside, it takes a really good handler to be able to adjust their handling to so many dogs!) We came out of the weekend with a PVP Q and a 6th place overall.

Bella took first place overall individual in the 12″ PVP division. I was so proud of our runs and she was having a blast running at 12″ in USDAA (and then lazing around in my husband’s lap….


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CVAC USDAA Trial (from a month ago!)

This post is way overdue, but between the new job, new dog and my computer dying I just couldn’t find the time to write!

Masters Jumpers (1st place, Q): No video, but just imagine us running a tight, twisty course first thing in the morning on wet grass.

Masters Gamblers (1st place, Q, New Title): Bittersweet? My little gambling girl earned her gambling title, but unfortunately it was on a supiciously easy gamble. If you watch the video you can see that it is definitely not a masters gamble. Kind of a shame to earn your title on a lesser course, but nothing I can do at this point.

Grand Prix (NQ): Bella just really liked that A-frame! Things went sour when I tried to send her into a tunnel and she ran around the side to take the A-frame. That kind of threw me off and the rest of the course was kind of sloppy….but at least we had fun!

Masters Pairs (1st place, Q, New Title): Thanks for a great run Barbara and Siesta!

Steeplechase Round 1 (1st place, Q): no video, but a fun course

Masters Snooker (1st place, 2nd Super Q!): Finally earned another super Q. Only one left to go!

Masters Gamblers (NQ): Now that was a masters gamble! Bella completed ignored my “right, right, right!” but I was proud of our attempt. She stuck her weaves at a distance out of a tunnel and now I have a interesting gamble to work on.

Masters Standard (NQ): Bella did much too well on this run! She stuck her weaves with me pushing her, hit her dogwalk contact and when we got close to the end I panicked that we were going to Q and made her take an off-course. (Yes, I didn’t want to Q….we only need a standard and a snooker SQ to ADCH and I don’t want our last ADCH run to be in snooker!)

Steeplechase Finals (1st place): Not sure how we made it through this run. We were both hot and exhausted.

Masters Pairs (2nd place, Q): No video, but thanks for a great run Joan and Ig!

Masters Jumpers (NQ): Last run of a HOT, humid weekend. Bel and I were dragging. Looking back I should have just scratched the run.

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My dog is a gambling genius!

At least that’s how I feel after this weekend. The weekend was a mixed bag of runs, but I couldn’t have been more thrilled with Bella’s gamblers runs. She also was able to function and focus with her new brother around, which gives me hope. This was Chipotle’s first time travelling with us to a trial where we stayed in a hotel and he seemed to adjust well to the strange surroundings.

Masters Jumpers (Q, Title run): Bad handler! First run of the weekend and I botched a front cross almost pulling Bel off a jump. In the moment I was so sure she would run around it or incur a refusal by spinning, but she manged to correct herself and we got back on track.

Masters Gamblers (1st place, Q): I can’t believe we got the gamble! Historically, Bella hasn’t been the best at pushing out past a jump to take another jump, but she surprised me and really ‘thought it out’ in the moment. Good girlie!

Masters Standard (NQ): 1st time on the weaves and she smacked her face on pole 10. I wasn’t going to make her repeat them right away, so we E’d.

Steeplechase (NQ): I think we set a personal record. 3 jump Elimination! Not sure what went wrong here. Perhaps she read my cue as a ‘backy-uppy’?

Grand Prix (1st place, Q, bye #2, handled by Elise Carpenter): I could feel an awful head-ache coming on and Bella had the GP Q’s she needed, so I asked Elise if she would be willing to handle her. She graciously accepted and ran her beautifully to a first place! Nice to see proof that my dog has no loyalty when food is involved. 😉

Masters Pairs (Q): Once again Bella’s weaves were an issue, but we avoided the big E and our partners Danielle and Ember saved our butts. Thanks so much for the awesome run Ember!

Masters Gamblers (1st place, Q): Once again, Bella completed surprised me and rocked the gamble. I haven’t tried actually implementing directionals in a trial situation, but I told/cued her ‘right’ and she turned right to take the teeter. I’m so proud of her and it feels great to know our hard work with sends has paid off.

Masters Standard (NQ): Great run on Bella’s part. When walking the course I considered putting in a front cross at the end since it was safer, but decided that the rear would be a faster choice. I took a risk and it didn’t work for us this time. She did indeed tick the bar on the rear cross, but it gives us something specific to work on.

Masters Snooker (NQ): No super Q for us. Heck, no Q even. Bel did great. I changed my plan mid-course, but that’s not even where things went wrong. She just dropped a bar in the closing earning us a whistle. I swear, she must have known it was the last run of the weekend though, because she took every obstacle she could on the way out. Silly girl. At least she got her money’s worth?

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